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Quotes Love the Website!! Anyone looking for "the best" seamstress, should definatly call upon Hilda. You will never be able to find a more dedicated perfectionist, when it comes to her work. Hilda will never leave you unhappy, guarenteed. Thank you Hilda, for all the work you have done for me since 1987!! Quotes
Melanie Weller
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Quotes Love your designs! Keep up the great work! Quotes
Miriam Adderley
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Quotes Hilda is a most awesome person. I tell everybody about Hilda and the wonderful work she does. Quotes
Wendy Tokeson
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Quotes I was given your name by Dolly George after I saw the beautiful costume you made for her daughter Hayley. I am in need of a costume for my daughter, well part of a costume actually. she has a top and needs a silver bodysuit and booty shorts to go with it. Either 2 pieces or all one piece. We are thinking a metallic silver as the top is an aqua colour with silver rhinestones on it. The bodysuit needs to go around the back of her neck not over the shoulders and a lower back...kind of like a bathing suit. Do you think you would be able to make this for us? And if so could it be done by the end of Feb or very early March? I am hoping also it would be less than $100 and since Hayleys costume was much more involved and was just over that, I am hoping you can help my daughter. Please let me know.. you can email or call my cell at 519-239-9849. (cell number is not long distance from Guelph) thank you. Quotes
Brenda Borland

Quotes Love you my sis and abundant blessings on your business. It's Me Quotes
Preacher Gal
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